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Around The Reservoirs Plus Casa Loma Road

Yesterday my group did a brisk two-hour ride that went around Uvas Reservoir, headed out to the end of Casa Loma Road and back, then on the return went around Chesbro Reservoir. This has some climbing but not too steep so I took my recumbent. I was able to keep up at the front just fine in the flatter sections or shallow hills but was noticeably slower on the steeper climbs. On the way back there was a long section with a headwind, and it was fun to demonstrate the aerodynamic advantage of the recumbent. This ended up being a three-hour ride for me since I rode to the start and took a longer route home after lunch.

Taking a break at Uvas Reservoir. Both Uvas and Chesbro were still full. The fog hadn’t burned off yet at this point, around 11:00 AM.

The parking lot for Rancho Canada Del Oro Open Space at the end of Casa Loma Road

A mama horse and her foal on a ranch on Casa Loma Road. The mama was staring intently at me at first then must have decided I meant no harm.

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