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Back Injections Scheduled

More on the continuing saga of the injury to my SI joint: I was referred by my doctor to a pain clinic and after evaluation, they decided to give me two injections, one in the lower spinal area in case the pain going down my leg is sciatica, and the other in the SI joint. There is a good probability that this, or a combination of this and continued physical therapy, with clear up my issue completely The injections will be guided by fluoroscopy, which will hopefully mean a more accurate placement of the injection, which is a combination of a corticosteroid and numbing agent. This will all occur this coming Thursday. My wife will drop me off and pick me up after the procedure because I won’t be able to drive myself home.

I’m looking forward to this because it’s been frustrating that my symptoms improved with PT but then “plateaued”. It will be nice to be able to walk for more than five minutes without back pain.

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