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Long Cruise

I took my recumbent with my new and improved drivetrain for a 3-hour plus cruise today. What a difference a non-squeaky and non-rattling chain makes! After a warmup, I averaged 14.7 mph for 2 hr 27 minutes at an average heart rate of 115. This was a good pace. The only mistake I made was I had my Garmin GPS watch in “bike mode”, which I have set up to show current speed and heart rate on the main screen. Looking at the speed too often distracted me from “meditation in motion”. Next time I do a similar ride I’ll use time and heart rate as my main screen, not look as often, and just focus on being present and enjoying the ride.

Heading Northwest on the Coyote Creek Trail

Turnaround on the Coyote Creek Trail, the barrier ahead is for the flooded-out section beyond

Turning Southeast towards Gilroy

Heading Northwest again, back towards Morgan Hill

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