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More Rainy Riding, and Improving SI Joint

Our multiple storm “atmospheric river” continues, probably until next Wednesday. I went riding yesterday in a dry interlude that turned out to only last 20 minutes and ended up getting soggy since I did not have my full rain gear on. I still enjoyed it after a couple of days of indoor riding.

“Lake Kenny”. The park across the street is recessed for flood control with a drain at the low point. It has only flooded like this a few times since we moved here in 2008. Some neighbors had a lab named McKenna (nickname Kenny), and whenever we had one of these floods his instincts would kick in and he’d get all excited and dive in. We’ve called it Lake Kenny ever since.

I’ve had two PT sessions for far plus two pages of homework exercises I do in between. I think my sore SI joint is coming around. The stretches they’re having me do are similar to what I was already doing, so I guess what is different is they are targeting ab strengthening a lot, especially the lower abs. I think this might be making it easier to keep the angle of my pelvis in a better position, relieving the SI joint. I’ve noticed I get busy doing some chores while standing, and it’s been a few minutes without any pain. Progress!

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