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Riding in Late Season Rain

My group ride was supposed to start at 10 this morning but there was an unexpected forecast of possible showers, unusual for us this late. I decided to put some rain gear on and ride anyway, I was pretty sure the group would cancel but I could just keep riding on my own. I headed towards the start of the ride and no one was there. I got rained on quite a bit around 10 but then it stopped, At about 10:20 I ran into a friend from the group who said the ride was postponed till 10:30 (which I’d also received a text about but didn’t hear the notification because my phone was hidden away). The postponement turned out to be a good choice because the rain did not return. It was mostly grey the rest of the ride but we did see some periods of sun. One odd occurrence was seeing hundreds of baby frogs crossing the trail, heading towards a pond next to it. We had a nice lunch afterward in downtown Morgan Hill. This turned out to be an extra-long ride for me of 4 hours and 20 minutes, but the pace was enjoyable.

Santa Cruz Mountains from the top of Malech Road (a challenging climb on a recumbent). The skies looked threatening but there was no more rain.

The new parking lot is almost ready at Coyote Ridge Open Space. This preserve has been open for docent-led hikes only but will soon be fully open. A great place to view wildflowers in the spring.

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