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Round The Reservoirs

A popular cycling route from Morgan Hill is to go out Oak Glen Ave past Chesbro reservoir, then continue on until Uvas Road, turning left which eventually takes you past Uvas reservoir. Then you continue until Watsonville Road which takes you back to town. I’ve been wanting to do this because I heard both reservoirs are higher than they’ve been in years, so I had a great time riding it yesterday. It was a nice sunny day to enjoy the results of all our recent rains.

Looking Across Chesbro Dam

Chesbro reservoir from the dam. Chesbro Ave is on the right


Looking the other way towards Paradise Valley. A controlled spill from an outlet pipe

Uvas Reservoir from the dam

Looking Across Uvas Dam

Looking downstream. The dam was spilling a lot recently causing Uvas creek to overflow, so people downstream were evacuated

It’s still spilling a little. Note the orange barrier holding back large debris like logs and branches

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