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Scenery in the Local Hills

I wanted to get some pictures of new scenery so decided to head for the local hills on my e-bike. The fastest way to get up in the hills from where I live is Llagas Road which winds up fairly steeply. I continued on to Oak Glen Ave and also investigated some side roads off both Llagas and Oak Glen that I had not been on in a long time. This ended up being an enjoyable ride of just under 90 minutes.

I was also pleased I was able to stand up to pedal for longer periods. This had been a favorite activity of mine on upright bikes, but there is still some residual soreness from the injury I sustained several months back in my SI joint. I’ve been mostly riding seated with short standing stints interspersed for breaks from the saddle. But yesterday I was able to stand for several minutes at a time with no discomfort. I will work on improving this gradually with time.

Glen Ayre Road, off Llagas, Takes You Into a Rural area with some nice homes

Shade and Scenery on the Climb up Glen Ayre

Woodland Acres is a scenic development in the hills near Llagas. It has some really steep roads, though, a challenge even with electric assist.

One of the Steep Climbs

Chesbro Lake Drive, a private road off of Oak Glen, leads to some homes at the base of, and behind, Chesbro Reservoir. This is peaking through to a view of the Dam. I also inadvertently got a selfie in the mirror on the telephone pole.

Continuing on Oak Glen into Paradise Valley

On the way back I passed a beautiful grove of eucalyptus trees on Llagas road

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