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Snuck In a Ride Before My Injections

I had one last chance to enjoy a sixty-minute ride during our interlude of sunshine yesterday in the morning before my injections (which were scheduled for 12:30). Today I have to keep my activity “normal and nonstrenuous” so am taking a day off from riding. Then more rain will show up this weekend.

Nice And Green in the East Foothills

And To the West towards El Toro and the Santa Cruz Mountains Beyond

The injections went well. I had just enough anesthesia to be unaware of getting stuck. It was odd when they first got me up because my right leg was a little wonky for a few hours. I’m glad my wife was there to drive me home. For the rest of the day I was supposed to stay off my feet, so I owe her some missed chores for the next couple of days. Today I’m in the “normal nonstrenuous” mode, so I’ll try a bit more standing and easy walking around. The point of the injections is to be able to walk for longer periods of time, so I’ll gradually test that over the next few days. The discharge instructions warned it can take up to 10 days or so for full relief to kick in. Then I follow up with the pain doc on April 4th.

My wife got a kick out of “normal and nonstrenuous” in the discharge instructions. She reminded me “they mean ‘normal’ for a normal person, not you”. This reminds me of a funny thing I forgot to mention in my last post that my pain doc (who’s a really cool guy) said. I had given him my history including how much exercise I do, and how I’d gotten two injuries causing pain in my right leg in the past two years, from two different bouts of overdoing exercise. I was amused at how quickly he sized me up. He described my prognosis after the injections and said there was a good chance this would clear up my problem for good. Then he added, “unless you decide to take up surfboarding a year from now”.

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