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Some More Heavy Rain, and Even Hail

Our latest series of rainstorms continued yesterday. We’ve had about four inches total over the past several days. This is a great start to the season, I hope it keeps up. We even got some hail yesterday morning. That’s unusual for this time of the year, hail usually accompanies summer thunderstorms when we get it. This was pretty small hail, not like the golf-ball-sized hail we used to get when we lived in Colorado.

Later in the morning, it cleared up a bit and we got sunshowers, Then the rain continued heavier throughout the day. I decided to take it easy and just do some spinning on my indoor recumbent. This was just as well as I did something on Saturday that aggravated my piriformis injury, causing a flare-up of sciatica. I need to take it easy until that clears up. Easy spinning, stretching, ice, and anti-inflammatories are in order for the next couple of days or so.

The hail looks like rock salt on the ground and the chairs

A Brief Sunshower

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