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The Amazing Stoltman Brothers

I just read the biography of the Stoltman brothers, Luke and Tim, two big strong men from the small town of Invergordon in the Scottish Highlands.

I have been a fan of strongman (and strongwoman) competitions, the most famous of which is World’s Strongest Man, for decades. Events like this showcase the incredible strength and agility of these athletes. I was delighted when the Stoltman brothers burst on the scene a few years ago, adding their personalities to this fun cast of characters. Older brother Luke has since won Europe’s Strongest Man and made it to the finals of World’s Strongest Man several times, while Tom has so far won World’s Strongest Man twice.

What I did not know is that Tom overcame Autism to achieve what he has, with help from Luke and other members of his family. The brothers also lost their beloved mother in 2016. This is a moving story of overcoming adversity and lifting each other up.

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