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The Sunshine is Back!

I went for a fun three-hour ride enjoying the return of the sun after the last two days of rain. I warmed up for 20 minutes at home while waiting for the traffic to clear in front of Live Oak High, did a cruise out and back on the Coyote Creek trail to where it is still washed out, and then headed south to San Martin. That was the fun part of the ride.

The hard part was doing the 5K TT loop I mapped out the other day on ridewithgps, which turned out to be a tough effort of over 11 minutes:

Since I create this Strava segment I’m currently the leader until someone else does it faster. I’m happy with the effort (average HR 139 bpm) but would like to shave some time off.

I finished up with some intervals and then a cooldown on the way home. Nice Ride.

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